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#1 Understand how Medicare works!

You have the basic information you need for what Original Medicare covers and what it doesn’t cover. You have the knowledge you need to put together coverage options to help minimize your financial risk and provide you peace of mind, knowing you’re fully protected.

#2 Consider your needs and who you trust to fill them.

In figuring out what your Medicare needs are, it helps to answer a few basic questions. Take a minute to mark your responses to these questions. They’ll help you clarify what you want from your plan and suggest some of our plan options that might be best for you.

● Are my current doctors and preferred hospital part of the provider? Yes □ No □

Continuity of care is important, so if you can’t answer “Yes,” you should look at plans that have the doctors and hospitals you want.

● With today’s healthcare costs, can I really afford to (or want to) pay all the deductibles and coinsurance expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t cover — especially in the case of a serious illness or unexpected accident? Yes □ No □

If you answered “Yes,” then maybe you don’t need any additional Medicare coverage. However, many retirees who are “well off ” simply don’t want to risk the big hit if they do get sick or injured. Plus, you still may want to consider adding Part D coverage to avoid late enrollment penalties. If you answered “No,” consider a Medicare Supplement and a Part D plan to provide you with more complete protection and peace of mind.

● Am I willing to wait for, or take additional steps to see, a specialist? Am I willing to see only the specialists in the plan’s referral network? Yes □ No □

If you answered “No,” then you should consider plans that don’t require a “gatekeeper’s” approval. Many HMO-based Medicare Advantage plans have this type of restriction. HMO Medicare Advantage plans also may have a more limited specialist referral network.

● Is the company that offers the plan I’m considering experienced, stable and secure? Yes □ No □

Like home or auto insurance, health insurance is about peace of mind and financial protection. Make sure you feel confident that you’ll have the coverage you need, when you need it, from a company you can trust.

● Are all of my prescription drugs covered under the plan’s formulary? Yes □ No □

While Medicare requires approved plans to cover a certain minimum drug list, you should check that both your generic and any brand-name drugs you’re taking are covered in the formulary. Many Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug plans also offer options that have an expanded formulary. These typically cover additional brand-name drugs or classify more drugs as “preferred,” which may mean a lower copay or coinsurance for certain prescription drugs compared to their base formulary. You may want to also check limitations with prior authorizations, step therapy requirements and quantity limits to ensure you get what you expect and need.

● Am I able to talk to someone who can help answer my questions? Yes □ No □

Top-notch customer service and getting answers to your questions are important considerations. We at Today’s Medicare Solutions strive to provide you with great service and place with companies that provide superior customer service.

#3. Select and enroll in the plan that makes sense for you.

Let our staff at Today’s Medicare Solutions take the confusion out of Medicare and help find the BEST solution for you and your personal needs.

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