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While Original Medicare (Parts A and B) will cover some of your health care expenses, it won’t cover everything. For instance, Medicare Part B covers 80% of your health care costs. You will be responsible for the other 20%. It also won’t pay for any prescription drugs, vision or dental care. You’ll have to cover the cost of those yourself. For many seniors, those items can be some of the most expensive. So, one option is to add supplemental insurance to help with those gaps in coverage. You can add Part D, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. And you can add a Medicare Supplement to help with your co-pays, deductibles and emergency coverage when you travel outside the country.

Or, you can choose a better alternative with more coverage: Medicare Supplement. Here are some of the benefits:

  • If you want lower premiums: Part C plans often have lower premiums than Medigap supplements.

  • If you want to cap your health spending: Medicare Advantage plans have a $6,700 per year maximum. Once you hit that limit, the plan will pick up all expenses. Original Medicare has no out-of-pocket maximum.

  • If you want to eliminate the financial uncertainty of 20% co-insurance: Original Medicare Part B only picks up 80% of the cost.

  • If you want prescription drug coverage included: No need to buy Part D.

  • If you want dental and vision care: Original Medicare won’t cover these.

  • If you prefer all-in-one coverage: You’ll get all of your health care needs to be taken care of from one insurance carrier – so there aren’t so many moving “Parts”. That makes your health care much more convenient and easier to manage.

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No one wants to hear, “It’s cancer.” But if it happens to you, this coverage can help.

A cancer diagnosis can lead to financial stress. Having cancer insurance in place ahead of time can give you one less thing to worry about during an already difficult time. You can receive cash benefits for cancer treatments, drugs, therapies and specialists — even travel, food or household expenses — so you can focus on your health and get back to living your life.


Why cancer insurance is important — even if you have other health coverage

Cash benefits for what you may need

Unlike other types of health insurance, you can use this cancer coverage to help pay for things like treatments, hospital stays, travel, lodging, food, pet or child care … expenses you may not have planned for. Plus, you can get cash benefits for important preventive care screenings to help you stay healthy.

Cancer affects millions of Americans each year

In the United States, about 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime.1 And although the disease can affect people of all ages, 80% of all cancers are diagnosed in people over age 55.2 The good news is, the ability to test for the disease and treat it has greatly improved.3 This coverage can help you get the care you need.


Helps cover Out-of-pocket costs

In the U.S. alone, cancer costs billions of dollars each year. In fact, cancer patients in the U.S. paid $5.6 billion out of pocket for cancer treatments in 2018.4 Since many of the costs associated with the disease aren’t covered by Medicare or major medical insurance, you could be left with thousands in out-of-pocket costs. This cancer insurance can help.

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  • I am a stress relief specialist.  I take the worry away from seniors like yourself when you wonder if you have the best coverage.  I have a free analysis that will show you the areas your current Medicare insurance doesn’t cover you.  Would you like to know if you are 100% covered?

  • I’m an independent agent. I am not beholden to a single insurance company. My allegiance is to my client and after listening to your needs and goals, I can shop all the top companies for the policy that will best fit your needs.

  • I am a husband, father and grandfather. My wife and I have raised our children and now are enjoying our grandchildren.

  • I am a community servant with a heart and passion for helping individuals, families, and communities build wealth and leave legacies through the proper insurance and asset protection.

  • I am a licensed health agent who specializes in Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare can be very confusing. I’m here to help seniors find the best coverage for their situation.

  • I am a man who is committed to helping families protect their assets in times of trouble and build generational wealth.

  • I am at my best when spending time with my family and when I’m helping clients just like you!

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Today's Medicare Solution - Paul Todd intro

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